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26th annual citywide New Haven Science Fair draws hundreds of students


(NEW HAVEN) – How do helicopters work? How does what we drink affect our teeth? Does New Haven have good drinking water? How can we prevent germs? How does rain fall from clouds? How can we have a lead free future? The answers to these questions and many others will be on display over the next few days via New Haven’s virtual city wide science fair at


Public viewing of the online project materials, via the “Showcase”, will be available starting at 1pm on Thursday, May 20th until the awards announcement ceremony at 6pm on Tuesday, May 25th (via online webinar). Awards will be picked up/delivered to schools following the awards ceremony.


Student projects, consisting of a presentation, lab notebook and research paper, will be examined by judges using the zFairs online platform on Wednesday, May 19th. Student interviews will be conducted by the judges, monitored by teachers and staff, on Thursday, May 20th between 10am and 1230 pm. Projects this year reflect current events about health issues, student learning, technology, the natural world, and the environment, as well as students’ own interests.

Typically, more than 7,600 public school students from three year olds in pre-kindergarten through 12th grade participate every year—with nearly 115 projects  from 39 schools to explain the science behind their projects for judges on May 19th and 20th.. In the first round, students prepare and present projects at their schools, with younger grades working together as a class and older students working in small groups or individually. Each school selected the projects that will be on display.

The New Haven Science Fair started in 1995 with participation by seven public schools. In the years since, it has expanded to include almost all of the schools in the system. The goal of the Science Fair is to work with children and their teachers at all grade levels, helping them carry out investigative, hands-on projects that will promote skills in critical thinking and communication. More than 70 mentors worked with the students on projects, and nearly 170 judges from local universities, corporations, non-profit agencies and the community will be evaluating the projects. In addition, numerous schools held Family Science Nights throughout the year to engage parents and the community.

The students will be recognized during a awards announcement on Tuesday, May 25th, with the online link on the same site,

More than 40 first, second and third place awards will be given, as well as more than 20 special awards sponsored by local organizations and individuals.

THANK YOU TO OUR SPONSORS The New Haven Science Fair program is truly a partnership involving businesses, universities, associations, foundations, and private citizens, working with the New Haven Public Schools’ teachers, students and administrators, and the students’ parents. Funding for the 2021 Fair comes from Alexion Pharmaceuticals, Boehringer Ingelheim (BI Cares Foundation), The Community Foundation of Greater New Haven, Southern Connecticut State University, ManufaCTure, NEWALLIANCE Foundation, New Haven Public Schools, Pfizer Inc., Science Park Development Corporation, Target, Yale University-Office of New Haven & State Affairs, and Pathways to Science, and the Watershed Fund.


THANK YOU TO THE NEW HAVEN SCIENCE FAIR STEERING COMMITTEE, Jack Crane, Project Director, New Haven Science Fair Program, Melanie Bauer, Nova Southeastern University, Dr. Christine Broadbridge, SCSU, Maureen Coelho, Program Consultant, New Haven Science Fair Program, Elizabeth Carey, Family Science Night Coordinator,  Christin Arnini, Mentor Coordinator, New Haven Science Fair Program, Claudia Merson, Director of Public School Partnerships at Yale, Dr. Maria Parente, Coordinator for Community Programs in Science at Yale, Dr. Richard Therrien, NHPS K-12 Science Supervisor

The New Haven Science Fair Program is administered by Greater New Haven  Chamber of Commerce 900 Chapel Street, 10th Floor, New Haven, CT 06510 Phone 203-782-4334 Fax: 203-782-4329 |, Garrett F. Sheehan, President, GNHCC

            New Haven Public Schools is committed to providing cutting edge STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) programs and curriculum in order to prepare students for further education and careers.  We believe that all kids can learn, achieve, and rise to a bright future.  Nw Haven Schools and the Science Fair Program helps empower students to achieve success in college, career and life through purposeful, supportive and meaningful learning experiences. Our purpose is to provide an outstanding education that extends beyond graduation and prepares our students to be the next generation of leaders, innovators and problem-solvers.

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