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The New Haven Science Fair Mentor Program brings local scientists together with New Haven Public School teachers and students to produce meaningful investigative science projects.

Volunteer science mentors are the key to the success of our science fair program; many mentors have been in the program for more than five years. Last year we had more than 60 science mentors, mostly from Yale University, working with students and teachers from grades PreK-12 on projects that ranged from "Temperature of Ocean and Hurricane Intensity" to "Synthesis of Microporous Carbon Crystal." Many of these projects from 7th to 12th grade went on to the Connecticut Science Fair.

Mentors meet with students and/or teachers at their schools for about 1 hour/week for 2-3 months.


However, mentoring times can be flexible when arranged with the teacher. Mentors can start by running or helping the teacher run science experiments which help students understand the scientific method. Then mentors and students may move on to an actual science fair project based on both the students' interests and the science curriculum.

Mentors will be given a copy of the Science Fair handbook and will also receive constant support throughout the project from the Science Fair Mentor Coordinator, Christin Arnini ( There is also a small budget for science supplies ($50).

new haven science fair
new haven science fair

In previous years, our Mentors have come from:

  • Yale University

  • Yale University School of Medicine

  • Yale University Peabody Museum

  • Southern Connecticut State University

  • Gateway Community College

  • New Haven Parks and Recreation

  • Eli Whitney Museum

  • ConnStep

  • United Illuminating

  • Artificial Cell Technologies, Inc.

  • Pratt & Whitney

  • Integrated Design and Construction

  • M4 Mechanical, LLC

  • CURE

  • RH Jennings, LLC

  • St. Joseph's College

  • Advanced Decisions

  • Pfizer

  • Wesleyan University

  • Workforce Alliance

  • University of New Haven

  • Albertus Magnus College


  • Hewlett Packard

  • Higher One, Inc.

  • Middlesex Community College

  • Milone & MacBroom

  • Quinnipiac University

  • Solar Youth, Inc.

  • WISH, Inc.

...and others!

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