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Your safety is our top priority! This year all projects must be cleared for safety. If your experiment involves humans/other animals or potentially harmful substances/devices, you must receive approval of your experimental procedure from the Scientific Review Committee (SRC) BEFORE the start of your project to ensure your safety and the safety of your test subjects. If not involving these, it still needs to be cleared for safety by a Science Teacher or Science Fair Mentor.

*Note: In the project registration form, all projects will need to indicate how they were cleared for safety.

Questions? Email the SRC Coordinator, Christin Arnini (

We will make this process as easy as possible for you! Just because SRC approval is required, this should never stop you from pursuing a project that you are interested in. If there is a safety concern, the committee will work with you to modify your project or get you the help you need to proceed with the experiment.

The committee is available at any time to help you put proper safety precautions into your procedure, give you advice on whether a project will require SRC approval, or help you with filling out the form. Please email us with your questions!

*Contact the Scientific Review Committee by emailing Christin Arnini at


You will need the SRC to review your procedures if you are:

  • Testing your friends, family, classmates, or others in the following manner:

    • Any intake of food or drink. (*Fill out the Human Subject Section of the SRC Form below.)

    • Any psychological experiment/test performed on an individual. (Fill out the Human Subject Section of the SRC Form below.)

    • Any experiment in which someone is required to perform any kind of exercise or physical activity. (Fill out the Human Subject Section of the SRC Form form below.)

    • Any experiment that involves someone playing video games. (Fill out the Human Subject Section of the SRC Form below.)

    • Any experiment that involves surveying someone about any societal issue that could be considered controversial. (Fill out the Human Subject Section of the SRC Form below).

    • Using your dog, hamster, fish, or other animal for experimentation in the project. (Fill out the Vertebrate Animals Section of the SRC Form below.)

  • Experimenting with bacteria, mold, or viruses; using cultured cells, DNA or any material that originated from animals or humans (Fill out the Potentially Hazardous Biological Agents Section of the SRC Form below.)

  • Using any material likely to require adult approval and supervision--for example, alcohol, tobacco, medicines, pesticides, insecticides, herbicides, gasoline or other flammable liquids; strong acids or bases, or corrosive materials; or ultraviolet ("black") lights or lasers. (Fill out the Hazardous and/or Controlled Substances and Devices Section of the SRC Form below.)




Please answer ALL questions in the section that is needed for your project, and be sure you have included your detailed procedure and list of materials. Submit the form for approval BEFORE you begin to conduct your experiment.

If the SRC determines that there is no way to safely conduct your proposed experiment, you will need to choose another project. In that case, we will help you find a project that interests you and can be performed safely.

Fill out the below form, or click here!

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