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reequest a mentor

Use this form to request a mentor for your students participating in the science fair. A mentor can provide invaluable guidance and support in developing their projects.

Science fair school interest form

Express your school’s interest in participating in this year's Science Fair. This form helps us plan for adequate resources and support to ensure a successful event for your students.


project board request form

Request project boards for your students’ science fair projects. Fill out this form to specify the number of boards needed to accommodate your students’ presentations.


project entry form

Submit this form to officially enter your students’ projects into the science fair. Include project details and any special requirements for the presentation day.



Access our detailed planning guide for insights and resources to help you guide students with their science fair projects. 

presenting your project

Offers essential guidance on how students should prepare and present their science fair projects, focusing on clear communication, thorough preparation, and the effective use of scientific vocabulary to demonstrate their understanding and result.

Project evaluation

Explore our Science Fair Evaluation Forms tailored for various educational levels and projects, including PreK-4, 5-12, and the Engineering & Innovation Convention. 

list of schools and projects

A detailed breakdown of various schools along with the specific projects associated with each. The contents include school names, project titles, project categories, and teacher & student names.

bus numbers

This document provides the bus numbers and corresponding school assignments for the Science Fair taking place at Hillhouse Field House on May 21, 2024. It includes important information about pickup times, which start at 9:30 AM, and the departure time from Hillhouse, which is at 12:15 PM

awards ceremony

The Awards Ceremony will take place on May 22nd in the Floyd Little Field House. This event celebrates students' achievements and provides an opportunity for them to receive recognition for their hard work. The ceremony times are below.

awards recipients

The awards recipients section highlights students who have won awards in their respective grade levels and divisions. These students are celebrated for their accomplishments and presented with trophies to honor their achievements

photo gallery

Visit our Science Fair Photo Gallery to view a colorful display of this year's science fair events. The gallery captures the creativity, hard work, and scientific inquiry of our students through vibrant photographs from the various activities and projects presented. 

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