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"New Haven Students at the 2019 CT Science Fair"


Congratulations to the 20 New Haven Public School students who presented the results of their scientific research in 15 projects in the 2019 CT State Science Fair and received awards this past weekend.


Awardees included:


Wilbur Cross senior Sophie Edelstein's project on" Developing a Functional Tracheal Replacement Graft: Studying the Effects of Graft Stiffness on Host Response" was a finalist for the Life Science and Engineering High School categories, 2nd place in the High School Urban Challenge, 5th Place in the Biotechnology category, received the Otereo Family Award, an award from University of New Haven for High School Project in Biochemistry and a Next Step Inventor Trophy from the CT Invention Convention


Wilbur Cross sophomore Alexandra Northrup's project on "Association of Music Perception and Memory" was a finalist for the High School Life Science and Urban Challenge categories, and an awardee from the American Psychological Association.


Athena Brown, 8th grader from Worthington Hooker, received awards for her project "Saving the Ocean: 700,000 Microplastics at a Time", 2nd place in Physical Science 8th grade, 2nd place for the Middle School Applied Technology and 5th place in the Middle School Urban Science Challenge, as well as a Society of Women Engineers Awards


Betsy Arts Magnet School 8th grade Matilda Pethrick was a finalist for 8th grade Life Sciences, and received awards from US Metric Association and Yale Peabody Museum for the project "From Clean to Clan"


Betsy Arts Magnet School 7th grader Julia Murphy's project "Salty Plants" received 4th place in the Middle School Urban Challenge, 2nd Place in 7th grade Biotechnology and an invitation to Broadcom Masters.


From Betsy Ross Arts Magnet, students; Sydney Herard, Julia Murphy, Matilda Pethrick entered projects.


From Engineering and Science University Magnet School, 9th grade students Alman-Imran Anuar, the team of Patricia Joseph & Maryam Shabazz, Kawtar Nadama, and the team of Brandon Parson & Alexander Potter entered projects.


From Wilbur Cross seniors Sophie Edlestein, Carlin Eswarakumar and 10th grader Alexandra Northrup entered projects.


From Worthington Hooker students Athena Brown, Kate Kim, the team of Masie Moreland & Nia Lampley, team of Sophia Arnaout & Alexander Robinson, Hannah Ziesche & Lucy June Dunn entered projects.

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