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"City's '07 Science Fair Winner Honored"

Published: January 7, 2008. New Haven Register

NEW HAVEN - Todchelle Young of James Hillhouse High School was honored recently at the school after winning first place in last year's public schools' citywide science fair.

She won in the category of individual biology for grades nine-12.

Young conducted an experiment in which she observed nitrogen-fixing bacteria (Rhizobium) and the growth patterns of legumes, an important first step toward a far-reaching application for future reduction in the use of nitrogen-based fertilizers.

Preparations are under way for this year's citywide science fair, set for May 13-15.

Mentors from various institutions have already started working with some students, and many schools and students will be starting their projects in the coming weeks.

This year's New Haven Science Fair, sponsored by Yale University, Bayer and the public schools, is being coordinated by the Greater New Haven Chamber of Commerce Foundation.

The fair is expected to involve more than 900 students displaying about 250 projects, representing projects from thousands of prekindergarten to 12th-grade students from around the city.

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